When the “real world” is too much, too sad, too big, too wrong, I retreat into an alternate. Sci-fi and fantasy stories I have published include:

1.CALIFORNIA COOKIN’, a what-if story about fire, family and food is my fantasy rescue of one tough old lady, Gloria Divina Moss, aged 103. Find out how her (very fluffy) robotic cat leads her – and a very lonely boy – out of the fire zone in NorCal. Find my story in Robin Praytor’s wonderful anthology, FROM A CAT’S VIEW, VOLLUME 2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0998468568/

2.WHAT THE WHALES WERE SINGING, an eco-fantasy story about interspecies communication in the Pacific Ocean, is now live on https://kingdomsinthewild.com/fiction Sure, every marine biologist worth her salt can hear the difference between the song of the Humpback vs. that of the Blue. But does any scientist really understand what the whales are really singing?

3.A FOREST FOR THE TREES, the meandering tale of a redwood tree named Dave who sets off to found a grove where a tree can be a tree, free from the harms of human being-induced climate change. Guess where he ends up?https://www.limfic.com/book/fix-the-world-anthology/

4. OPERATION COVER-UP (KAMIKAZE) www.otherworldsink.com, upcoming 2022

5. I’LL SING YOU A BLESSING, I’LL SAVE YOU A BOON upcoming 2022, Haunted Waters Press.