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I am a retired Montessori teacher, writer, and author of SAVING CINDERELLA: FAIRY TALES AND CHILDREN IN THE 21ST CENTURY, a one volume resource that explains the history of the world-wide Cinderella story, how children learn to read via the 5 Pillars of Literacy, and why reading fairy tales can make your child a better reader. The book includes 5 complete Cinderella stories and a dictionary of fairy tale symbols.
My teaching credentials include an American Montessori Society elementary permit and a CA Child Development Center Director Permit. For more information on the synergy of literacy, Cinderella, and Montessori Philosophy, please contact me for workshop information at rachel.crossman@gmail.com

Coming 2022: Operation Cover-Up (Kamikaze) by Rachel Hope Crossman

“Blanketing the Greenland Ice sheet in knitted cozies was no job for shrinking violets and there were none in Joy’s crew. Only wrinkled old ladies with gray hair and bad attitudes. Now the staunchest were working in suicide squads, diving to pin the final covers in place, shielding the precious ice from the merciless rays of the sun.”

Do they succeed? Find out with the upcoming anthology SAVE THE WORLD, Other Worlds Ink, otherworldsink.com

Whale tail off Boston Harbor

From a Cat’s View Volume ll

cat's viewMy story, CALIFORNIA COOKIN’ gets top billing in editor Robin Praytor’s anthology of cat stories. The apocalyptic devastation of California by fire, a stubborn old woman, a teenaged fire refugee and two cats (one robotic, one not) are from a future not very far away. I wrote the story honoring the dead of California’s horrific fires in 2017 and 2018, many of who were senior citizens with no way to escape. My robo-cat, Miss Molly Malone, is my fantasy rescue for them. Buy it today on Amazon ! From a Cats View


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