Writings by Rachel Hope Crossman

1. Saving Cinderella: Fairy Tales and Children in the 21st Century

                             by Rachel Hope  Crossman

“Rachel Hope Crossman is passionate about the importance of reading, and the primacy of story. In Saving Cinderella she explores the vital role of the fairy tale in nurturing creativity and stimulating imagination. Cinderella’s trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumph have been told and retold over many centuries in many nations. Rachel Hope Crossman surveys these many Cinderellas, with their various animal helpers and magical objects, with infectious zest. Fairy tales remain as relevant today as they ever were, and their deep structures and their transformative power lie at the heart of all imaginative literature.”

Neil Philip, author of The Cinderella Story, and Eyewitness Mythology, DK Eyewitness Books.

2. A FOREST FOR THE TREES, anthology FIX THE WORLD, editor J. Scott Coatsworth

3.  WHAT THE WHALES WERE SINGING. A story about interspecies communication. kingdomsinthewildcom

3. CALIFORNIA COOKIN’. A tale of two fire refugees, one elderly and one young, led from the disaster zone by a very fluffy robotic cat. FROM A CAT’S VIEW, VOLUME ll, (p.1) 2019 editor Robin Praytor. Post to Print Publishers LLC, Phoenix


4. OPERATION COVER-UP (KAMIKAZE) coming Spring 2022 anthology SAVE THE WORLD, editor J. Scott Coatsworth www.otherworldsink.com

5. I’LL SING YOU A BLESSING, I’LL SAVE YOU A BOON, coming Spring 2022 www.hauntedwaterspress.com